Your camera can be quickly adjusted according to the angle. Ergonomic, space-saving and easy to set up. Can be used on tripod, tabletop and flat surface for easy panoramic photography. Used for tabletop and vertical shots.


Together with the slider and easyfixpro, your camera can achieve cinematic images, zoom in, zoom out, angular images, soft images thanks to the slider hardness adjustment. Practical installation and easy to carry.

Slider I

Can be used with your camera stand, slider and easyfixpro. Provides ease of use in nature. Adjustable for uneven and inclined ground. Easy to use, easy to fold and easy to carry.

Stand I


Your camera can be used with tripskater and easyfixpro. You can get clean and smooth images on glass and flat surfaces. You can adjust your device at certain angles and create truck, dolly, slider, zoom in and out, videos.



Do you want to get moving images for perfect shots? Take your professional videos one step further with our manual camera slider! The perfect equipment to turn your creative vision into reality. Made of high quality materials, it offers long-lasting use with its robust and durable structure.




Focus images with precision, manual focus control product – the most practical way to take full control of camera focus If you want more flexibility and precision in focusing your professional shots, this manual focus control product is for you.


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